Crude/Petrochemicals/Off-Spec Products

BEOM provides turn-key environmental management services for tank cleaning and/or decommissioning projects, including on-site product recovery/reclamation services and logistics coordination. Our environmental and measurement specialist will evaluate materials recovered onsite during various projects, such as, tank clean-outs, pipeline flushing & pigging, and decommission activities, providing real-time feedback on the material’s physical properties and quickly determining the possible value of the recovered materials. Through this direct process, the client can reduce cost affiliated with product removal/reclamation services and maximize the possibility of product recovery while also minimizing the generation of hazardous waste.


  • Off-Spec Product Recovery (high solid oil, condensate, diesel, mixed fuels)
  • Turn-Key Environmental Management
  • Crude Bulk Removal and Purchasing
  • Reduce time/cost affiliated with refinery tank turnarounds
  • Field Measurement & Analytical Services
BEOM has helped our customers preserve over 1,000,000 gallons of off-spec material for sustainable treatment options.