About Us

Bureau of Environmental Operations Management (BEOM) is a client centric organization that provides environmental consultative services coupled with extensive knowledge in the industrial waste management sector. We strive to produce qualitive and quantitative data that encompasses in-depth industrial market insight, current benchmark of your facility’s environmental footprint, and customized strategies & recommendations.

Our unrivalled consulting services provides best in class insights that assist generators in becoming a leader in industrial waste management. We are developing and implementing new technologies and business strategies, delivering innovative solutions & facilitating transformational changes. BEOM is continuously expanding our compass by exploring market trends and changes, providing our clients with new techniques and methods of waste disposal management. BEOM’s unique approach allows our customers to overcome the growing issue of hazardous waste with limited disposal options.

Our Mission

To provide cutting edge environmental consulting and management services utilizing unrivaled technology, holistic recycling, waste minimization and disposal resolutions founded on integrity, accountability and a customer first approach to every business relationship.